by Stephen Garner

MagnaReadyThe original magnetic shirt company MagnaReady and private label company LF Americas, a division of Li & Fung Limited have teamed up on a new strategic partnership and licensing deal.

Starting immediately, LF Americas will be licensing the patented magnetic closure technology system invented by Maura Horton, founder of MagnaReady. Expanded collections of men’s woven shirts, children’s school uniforms, and other apparel integrating the MagnaReady closure system are expected to debut with LF Americas retail partners in 2018.

Now integrated into MagnaReady branded men’s and women’s woven shirts, the MagnaReady closure system aids anyone with mobility issues to easily button cuffs, collars and shirt fronts. MagnaReady shirts can be used as adaptive clothing for elderly people or those with disabilities or conditions that limit dexterity. Featuring a modern design and style, MagnaReady shirts can be a timeless staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

MagnaReady“There are over 50 million people with disabilities or mobility limiting conditions living in the U.S. We are also experiencing a silver tsunami with over 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day,” said Maura Horton, creator and CEO of MagnaReady. “MagnaReady provides senior citizens, caregivers, and people with limited mobility a clothing solution that restores independence and increases confidence and self-esteem with a classic, professional look that has not previously been available. I look forward to working with LF Americas to impact people’s lives with new styles and formats of clothing incorporating MagnaReady.”

“LF Americas is excited to announce this partnership with MagnaReady,” added Shelly Fogel, executive vice president of LF Americas. “Maura’s personal story and dedication to bring this innovative development to the ever-growing adaptive clothing market is a true inspiration. We look forward to using our experience and resources to support Maura and the many lives that will benefit from her passion and life’s work.”

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