by Stephen Garner

Out with the old, in with the new. LUIGI BIANCHI is renewing its image with a global restyling operation focused on a streamlined brand simplification. The Mantuan company is now choosing to showcase itself more simply and directly with a new look. 

Beginning with the spring/summer 2022 season, the collections that have until now been associated with three distinct brands (Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria, Luigi Bianchi Mantova Flirt, and Lubiam Cerimonia) will unify under a single umbrella: LUIGI BIANCHI. According to the company, this restyling “aims to harmoniously and coherently enhance and elevate the brand, furthering its reach and prestige in regard to international sales and exposure, while always maintaining an unparalleled breadth terms of high-quality collections, models, and fabrics.” The retitling ‘LUIGI BIANCHI’ is accompanied by a new logo, with a sharp and minimalist design.

“We have completely rethought the image of the brand, aiming for a significant restyling of the logo, which goes in a very specific direction: that of simplicity, immediacy, and refinement, to align directly with our brand objectives,” explains Giovanni Bianchi, CEO and director of the style office of LUIGI BIANCHI. “This new brand philosophy is born from the desire to create a unified front in terms of brand identity; one of a brand that is both faithful to tradition, yet still always modern and evolving. A brand for a consumer that is up to speed with trends, yet always cultured and refined; a customer that prioritizes exceptional quality and tailored garments, just as LUIGI BIANCHI does.”

The new spring/summer 2022 LUIGI BIANCHI collections will be launched in tandem with the new sales campaign, currently active, and will be available in boutiques from the end of 2021 (for Luigi Bianchi Flirt and Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia) through to the beginning of 2022 (for Luigi Bianchi Sartoria).

In its continued evolution, the 2021 strategic plan also intends for an exciting milestone for L.B.M.1911, with the launch of an e-commerce site, available online by the end of July.