Manafort Jury Hears Of Lavish Spending On Luxury Clothes

by MR Magazine Staff

President Trump’s former campaign chairman spent more than a million dollars on business suits over five years, using foreign bank accounts to pay for cars, clothes and real estate in what federal prosecutors ­portrayed Wednesday as a tax-dodging scheme to support his extravagant lifestyle. The second day of Paul Manafort’s trial in Alexandria, Va., included detailed accounts of the political consultant’s free-spending ways, including buying some of the most expensive suits in the world and purchasing his daughter’s $1.9 million home, which he paid for with cash. But throughout the proceedings, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III snapped at prosecutors, complaining that they were too ­focused on Manafort’s wealth rather than evidence of his alleged crimes. The testimony came as President Trump publicly came to Manafort’s defense, tweeting that prosecutors were treating him unfairly and attacking the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III that led to the charges against Manafort. Read more at The Washington Post.