by Karen Alberg Grossman
Mark Weber
Mark Weber; Courtesy of WABC

Fashion industry icon Mark Weber has, from humble beginnings, clearly accomplished a lot in his career, including working his way up to become chairman of PVH, chairman of LVMH America and a highly praised author. His next move will not surprise those who know his outspoken, animated personality. On Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. EST on WABC-AM (770 on your radio dial in the NY metro area), Weber will host his own call-in radio talk show, Always in Fashion (which is also the title of one of his books).

The focus of the show is the business of fashion (but in his own inimitable style); however, Weber also plans to communicate some important life lessons. The series launched this past Saturday with a provocative segment on The American Dream.

On this Saturday’s segment (July 2nd), Weber will take on the politicians. “Trump has been widely criticized for not making clothing in America. I’m not defending Trump; I’m defending our industry. We are not sourcing around the world to exploit poor people: we’re a highly benevolent industry. That’s the message I want to communicate.”

As Weber points out, talk radio has long been an important part of his life “Throughout my career, I commuted to New York City and WABC was pre-set on my radio,” he says. “Storytellers like Don Imus, Howard Stern and Michael Savage were my role models. By listening and learning from them, I developed my own style of storytelling. Now, I believe I can teach, inspire and entertain listeners interested in business and fashion. For me, this is a dream come true.”

Always in Fashion can also be live streamed at


  1. Just caught your show tonight and totally by accident. Can’t wait for next Saturday to tune in from the beginning.
    You sound like a very interesting guys with both well dressed feet on the ground :)
    Can you do something about fabrics for women’s clothes and great fitting clothing for American women who really wear a size 12 but the label says 14. I can’t even purchase clothing anymore because the cut and fabric is awful. Also we need feminine fabrics and pretty colors and how about Orlan sweaters. I wore them as a kid and they were the best.
    Bring manufacturing back to the USA where sizes in everything from shoes to PJ’s will better reflect how our beautiful bodies are built.

  2. Marc, I am a retired executive, and I think you are great. I agree with everything you say, and you say it so directly. I have a new book manuscript on what makes top executives, and you exemplify what I talk about: truthful, fair, prudent, decent, just.
    I have known a number of fabulous executives, and I am sure from just one listen that you rank among them. I shall listen to you faithfully every Saturday night unless we are otherwise engaged. I am excited for the opportunity and to compare experiences.

    All the best, Mike Ghelardi

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