by Stephen Garner

Mavi has launched “All Blue”, a global initiative for the Turkish denim brand, new for spring 2020. All Blue represents the brand’s renewed commitment that celebrates the human spirit, nature, and its resources.

The new line is the denim brand’s most sustainable collection to-date with fabrics containing recycled cotton, organic cotton, and upcycled materials. Consisting of two distinct categories – Organic and Recycled – all pieces in the assortment are 100 percent vegan, with no animal products used.

All Blue was inspired by the word Mavi, meaning blue in Turkish, and the concept grew to embody a group of core brand pillars that connects denim to the earth. Developed and produced using laser technology and eco-conscious washing techniques that use less water, energy, and processing, the compilation delivers a line of denim free of excess. The capsule consists of six women’s jeans, one jumpsuit, and five men’s bottoms with a price point of $118.00 – $128.00 and will be available for purchase on

“As a brand, our heart beats with denim and we passionately strive to develop the best, most innovative denim in the world,” said Cüneyt Yavuz, CEO of Mavi. “As we look to the future, we are looking to steer Mavi, the company and the products we make, to have a basic regard and respect for humans and to limit the depletion of the earth’s resources. Mavi continues to explore rigorous innovation and continues its business growth based on data and efficiency. This approach now brings to life, All Blue, our global brand strategy, and a new synonymous collection of sustainable products.”

The Mavi All Blue collection will continue to grow and expand with more pieces and categories over time.