by Stephen Garner

In honor of the brand’s 30th anniversary and speaking to its eco-conscious and sustainability efforts, Mavi enlisted local Montreal artist Rose Cantin to create a custom mural for the entrance of the denim brand’s Montreal showroom, located at 4020 rue Ste Ambroise.

As part of Mavi’s ongoing advancement in utilizing the latest technology to create a greener and better earth, the mural depicts graffiti inspired by Mavi’s overarching “All Blue” philosophy, which focuses on sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity. For spring/summer 2021, Mavi’s collection reinforces comfort, while encouraging all to connect with its values, passions, and community as the brand steps into a more optimistic future. Phrases such as “all for love,” “all for art,” and “all of us,” fill the 200” wide x 170” height space, resulting in a bold statement that delights and excites visitors before they enter the showroom.

The partnership between Mavi and Cantin came together through an extensive search for a local artist who could help tell the brand story. The search led to participants of Montreal’s annual MURAL Festival. Cantin caught the attention of the Mavi team for the rustic and elegant quality in her work, similar to the brand’s own approach to design and production. Throughout the entire painting process, Cantin exclusively wore Mavi products, including the Edera denim overalls and the Berlin jeans.

“After the challenges of the last year, our goal for the Montreal showroom is to continuously promote positivity and create a welcoming environment,” said Cüneyt Yavuz, CEO of Mavi. “As a brand, we are very proud of the Mavi All Blue collection and the messaging behind it, so it seemed appropriate that it be the inspiration for the showroom. With this collaboration, I am glad we are able to support a member of the local community. Rose is not afraid of pushing out of her comfort zones and trying something new while still remaining her true self. Rose embodies strength, confidence, and optimism, all pillars of Mavi All Blue.”

“Mavi approached me with an idea that allowed me to renew myself with fresh ideas,” added Cantin. “Since this project is entirely different from my usual work, it helped me broaden my borders as an artist and allowed me to push outside of my comfort zone. I saw this mural as a challenge, and I’m so proud of the outcome. It was such an honor to work with Mavi and be a small part of this global brand.”

The Rose x Mavi mural is a permanent art piece for the brand’s Montreal showroom. The recorded process of the collaboration can be viewed below.