Meet The Entrepreneurs Trying To Get Target To Think Like A Startup

by MR Magazine Staff

After spending years as a product manager at Amazon, PayPal and Rosetta Stone, West Stringfellow, 37, decided to take a 10-month vacation and travel. During a trip to Los Angeles, he took full advantage of the fact that, for the first time in nearly a decade, he wasn’t working in a straight-edge corporate environment. He left L.A. with two diamond studs in his nose. The piercings were meant to serve as a protective barrier against accepting yet another position at a big company. And yet when he returned home to San Francisco, a friend encouraged him to speak with a recruiter from Target about a new “entrepreneur-in-residence” position. To Stringfellow, working for a 50-year-old physical retailer sounded like “career suicide.” He took the call to be polite, but deliberately led with the story of getting his nose pierced. Read more at Fortune.