by MR Magazine Staff

Social media comprises user generated content that not only influences the way people think, but also motivates them to act. And billions of people participate.

While most brands and retailers have a social media presence, they have underutilized their most important asset: their consumers. To address this, MeSpoke has created a tailored community based on brand affinity that revolutionizes the way brands and retailers do business. It democratizes the industry by placing the power of advertising and brand popularity directly into the hands of consumers. It has, in effect, created a viral marketing platform.

MeSpoke, the brainchild of Sid Khurrum Hasan, empowers the consumer. It gives them a voice and allows individuals and their communities to define fashion trends. According to Hasan, “it will offer brands and retailers an option to take advantage of a new business model, which enables a cost-effective, elastic, and scalable advertising alternative unlike any before it.” MeSpoke follows the groundwork laid by the innovators that came before it, yet the goal was to create a new form of consumerism. MeSpoke observed that business-to-business commerce is waning, while consumer-to-consumer (c2c) is on the rise. Unlike certain music sharing sites, however, MeSpoke does not facilitate infringement of anyone’s rights. It does this by allowing consumers to post content as always, only this time by allowing their community to click on the content and purchase it directly from brands and retailers. The platform effectively creates the world’s largest department store – without owning inventory. And the popular items will be determined by the consumers through tailored communities, and not through paid endorsements and advertising.

Hasan adds: “the notion of Black Friday and the need to spend millions of dollars on paid endorsements is not a guiding principle to generating revenue.” Hasan came to this realization while residing next to a professional football player who was paid millions of dollars to serve as a brand ambassador simply because of his social and professional capital.

For this reason, MeSpoke created a Mobile-Community Platform that connects consumers directly to brand and retailers, and relies upon the explosion of online user generated content rather than paid celebrities. Consumers can now be connected directly to brands, retailers, and one another (c2c) on an unprecedented level. MeSpoke allows users, known as “Speakers,” to upload pictures, tag apparel and accessories, and provide a direct connection to those stores through its platform. This allows a seamless buying experience for the Speaker while creating an organic tailored community. MeSpoke then values its Speakers and aggregates their social capital. Therefore, Speakers will benefit from a game-changing shopping experience, while brand and retailers will benefit from a new form of consumerism.

MeSpoke alters the marketing paradigm. Hasan extensively researched online trends and the value of social media and user generated content. He developed a method to directly connect consumers to retailers and brands, allowing Speakers to become brand ambassadors. Brands and retailers, in turn, capitalize on positive word of mouth and an authentic, tailored community. This is a revolutionary process that will allow the marketing industry to adapt to people’s online habits and needs.

MeSpoke application will be available on the Apple App Store on Thursday, July 21.