misfit phase hybrid smartwatch
by Stephen Garner
misfit phase hybrid smartwatch
Image courtesy of Misfit

Wearable technology company Misfit, a division of Fossil Group, has debuted the Phase Hybrid Smartwatch, a unisex timepiece that merges the design of an analog watch with the functionality of a smartwatch.

The newest addition to Misfit’s portfolio of wearables, Misfit Phase tracks steps, distance, and sleep duration and quality using a 3-axis accelerometer and the company’s algorithms. The watch face acts as a subtle user interface for notifications and feedback. Users can view activity, alarm and notification data using an interplay of the watch hands, a small color window, and vibration alerts. Texts, calls, app notifications, and movement reminders are discreetly delivered straight to a user’s wrist.

“We’re thrilled to launch Misfit Phase, which employs Misfit’s energy efficient, miniaturized Bluetooth enabled technology in a traditional watch form factor,” said Preston Moxcey, general manager of Misfit. “Watches are the fashion-credible predecessor of wearable technology, and Misfit Phase showcases both the evolution of the wearable technology space and its convergence with the world of fashion accessories.”

Misfit Phase will be offered in 6 colorways, starting at $175, and will be available for purchase on November 7 on misfit.com.