by Stephen Garner

Allen Edmonds has released its new “My Life’s Work” campaign, which aims to serve as a direct line between its founding in 1922 and the legacy it carries forward.

Throughout the campaign, Allen Edmonds profiles people whose journey, passion, and style are notable in their life’s work and contributions to their craft. Volume 1 features fellow shoemaker, global citizen, and model Armando Cabral, lensed by Cliff Watts and styled by Marcus Paul, and brings into focus Cabral’s luxury namesake men’s brand, his pride of his African heritage, and commitment to giving back.

“Personally, my life’s work, is about creating beautiful things, rediscovering the history of my heritage, and most importantly contributing to society by creating a body of work that will leave a legacy of great contribution,” said Cabral. “I feel Allen Edmonds is a heritage brand who shares a mutual respect of the craft – you don’t start a company from one day to another and be 100 years old, it’s because you’re doing something right. I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with them. We can learn from one another.”

The partnership includes shining a light on the luxury footwear collection that bears his name. Timed with the campaign launch, a curated collection of Armando Cabral styles will be available for purchase online at Six featured styles draw inspiration from his signature pano di pinti, a unique social and cultural hand-woven textile of his native Guinea-Bissau. The weavings reveal the diversity of his country and its people and when integrated with European design and bespoke craftsmanship, bring something completely new to the market.

“At Allen Edmonds, we are continuously looking for inspiration in our never-ending pursuit of making beautiful shoes,” added Jay Schmidt, president of Caleres, Allen Edmonds’ parent company. “When we met Armando, we bonded over our love of shoes and quickly learned we shared many values and desires, including leaving a legacy of pronounced contribution. As an authority in men’s footwear for 100 years, we are proud to support and partner with inspired makers who are also constantly evolving in their singular pursuits.”

Cabral was also invited to work with Allen Edmonds’ designers who run the brand’s customization program to create his own version of the classic eco-conscious Discovery Moto Boot. Each of the pairs in this limited drop are handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin and touched by over 45 skilled makers. 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Armando’s philanthropic efforts to benefit the African community and important social justice causes.

“Creating a custom design for Allen Edmonds was such an honor for me. I selected the moto boot because it’s a classic with ties to American culture. It’s versatile and if crafted properly, a piece you will have for seasons to come,” said Cabral. “I wanted to bring my personal take on this style, to give it the Armando Cabral touch. The addition of a harness strap, a heavy buckle, and a wider tooth on the stitching, each detail inspired by authentic moto boots juxtaposed on Allen Edmonds’ modern silhouette.”

Allen Edmonds plans to unveil several volumes of “My Life’s Work” during its coming 100th year in 2022.