by MR Magazine Staff

If you’re looking for an added layer of virus protection for your store, you may want to check out this new product.

Air purification company Molekule has launched a professional-grade air purifier engineered for the demands of commercial spaces. Built with 3x the airflow, 3 sizes of particle sensing, and 3 ways to protect against pollutants, the company’s new “Air Pro” also leverages its proprietary and award-winning PECO technology, which is scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, chemicals, and many other pollutants in the air.

According to a recent Molekule study which polled 1,000 American consumers, pollution and airborne viruses are leading drivers affecting how consumers are considering re-entering spaces during COVID-19. Survey results showed that 77 percent of travelers said that air purifiers are an essential part of a hotel room. What’s more, when it comes to America’s commercial reopening, 73 percent of Americans said they would feel more comfortable eating indoors at a restaurant that has multiple air purifiers on site.

Molekule air purification solutions are designed and built to help address these issues. In independent, third-party testing, Air Pro demonstrated greater than 4-log, or 99.99 percent reduction, of aerosolized RNA virus MS2 in 30 minutes in a standard room-size chamber after a single injection of the virus.

The device is operated by a mobile app that allows you to set the device up, control Air Pro’s fan speed, check your air particle levels and filter status, provide app users with notifications when it’s time to change your PECO-Filter, and subscribe to our filter program to ensure you always have fresh filters when needed.

 “Air Pro marks a significant step forward in the space of air purification,” said Jaya Rao, CEO of Molekule. “This is an air purifier built for the demands of businesses, offices and commercial spaces, while harnessing the same premium design and core technology as our other consumer products. The challenges people face with indoor air quality today have evolved. Air Pro was built to help provide a solution to today’s worsening air, all while continuing to provide ease of use to users.”

Air Pro incorporates an anodized aluminum housing, a textured base, and a vegan leather handle, all materials that were strategically chosen due to their low VOC exposure and can be easily disinfected.

Air Pro retails for $1,199, with filter subscriptions running $99 for a 6-month supply, and is designed to filter 1,000 square feet of space per machine.