by Stephen Garner

After a long winter, luxury outerwear brand Moose Knuckles takes a moment to exhale as it extends a warm welcome to spring with its new spring/summer ‘21 campaign.

For almost a year, life on earth has come to a crashing standstill. As the mercury fell, options evaporated, and the realities of our “new normal” set in. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, hundreds of thousands put their lives on pause. Things got bleak, but a brighter day has finally arrived. Survival is no longer enough. Press play, get up, and start living.

“We saw this as a huge opportunity to let our consumer know we’re paying attention,” said Dominique Lagleva, global marketing director at Moose Knuckles. “We know they’ve been through the wringer. We went through it too. Our message to them is there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

To Moose Knuckles, spring represents a long-awaited breath of fresh air. One last moment to unwind before the world gets back up to speed. It’s a homecoming marking the return of good weather, good company (outdoors and socially distanced of course), and good vibes.

Photographer Hugo Comte’s masterfully arranged composition accentuates each subject’s individuality without undermining the group dynamic. Each shot a reminder of the balance between our shared humanity and the diversity that makes the world so interesting. “I wanted to express the symbiotic nature of individuality,” said Comte. “The idea that everyone can be unique without letting their differences divide them.”

Stylist Alex Harrington set out to illustrate the shifted perspectives developed by the onslaught of idle time that was 2020. Adroitly employing the collection’s distinct silhouette and bold pops of color with unique yet purposeful layering and a wardrobe that reflects the creativity and vibrance of someone fresh off a year spent in hibernation.

“We put together an all-star team to help bring this concept to life,” added Brody Baker, creative director. “And everyone left their mark. Nothing feels better than seeing an idea evolve as the creative baton was passed from hand to hand. I couldn’t be any happier with the way things turned out.”

The season also debuts Pack Your Moose, a range of rainwear that takes a new approach to solve spring’s unpredictable weather. If you’ve got a questionable meteorologist, this is the collection for you. On top of the unlined recycled nylon shells, bonded seams, and recycled hardware that provide our signature Moose Knuckles protection, each coat features a packable design and fastening system so you’ll never get caught unprepared for the rain again.