by Stephen Garner

Moose Knuckles has opened its first-ever U.S. flagship store, located at 57 Greene Street in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. With a focus on the brand’s signature collections, consumers will be able to shop the complete range of products within the boutique’s immersive retail space spanning 3,500 square feet.

The new boutique draws inspiration from the brand’s exuberant aesthetic and blends distinguishable architecture into a surreal retail experience. Bespoke grain wood tiles, reclaimed cast-iron columns, and original and reproduced eye-popping installations including a two-story Rube Goldberg-inspired kinetic-fixture—comprised of hockey sticks, newtons 8-ball cradle, and railcar tracks— characterize a mind-bending visual experience, transporting consumers into Moose Knuckles’ grandeur universe.

On the ground level, the boutique is fronted by custom gold glass, mirror polished stainless steel, a multi-level screen erected to the right of the store showcasing a live stream of the northern lights, and refurbished architectural elements bringing architect Steve O’Neil of O’Neil Langan Architects, raw yet polished vision to life.

The interior is defined by an intricate custom plaster displaying a birds-eye view of glaciers from above. Custom display vitrines throughout, house various product categories and create a story around every corner. The bold backdrop serves as a canvas to showcase the brand’s statement men’s, women’s, and kid’s lifestyle collections including the mainline and fashion.

In the cellar level, past heavy curtains in the vestibule, Moose’s invite-only VIP room is a sensual wonderland, a haven with red velvet walls, luxe fabrics, and fine upholstery.

“In today’s retail landscape, it’s vital for us to have a direct connection with our consumers,” said Ayal Twik, CEO of Moose Knuckles “ We couldn’t have chosen a better space to open our first U.S. store. This city embodies what Moose Knuckles is about. It’s raw, it’s real and one of a kind. We’re thrilled to have consumers enjoy the Moose Knuckles universe in real life.”