‘Sheet Masks Are The New Plastic Straws’ – The Movement To Streamline Your Skincare

by MR Magazine Staff

The #shelfie is so passé. The trend for posting Instagram snaps of beauty cabinets stuffed with myriad, millennial-pink products looks set to take a downturn as customers spurn multi-step routines in favour of a more streamlined, sustainable approach to skincare. In the UK, 28% of women have reduced the amount of products in their skincare routine over the past year, according to the research group Mintel, with the women’s facial skincare market expected to fall to an estimated £1.16bn from £1.17 bn in 2018. As we move away from the K-beauty trends – such as the now infamous 10-step routine, that led consumers to invest in a full roster of cleansers and multiple serums – we’re now using less and spending less as a result. In a world ever more conscious of the ecological impact of the products we buy, an elaborate skincare regime no longer feels luxurious; it just feels wasteful. Read more at The Guardian.