madison men Scott and Harvey Moscot
by Stephen Garner
madison men Scott and Harvey Moscot
Zack and Harvey Moscot

Moscot, the 102-year-old New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear, will officially open an additional stand-alone full service optical shop in New York at Chelsea Market in October 2017.

The shop will be 1,000-square-foot, and will be the brand’s fourth location in Manhattan.  Moscot Chelsea Market will include its renowned eyewear, highly sought after opticians, and their legacy of expertise and specialized eye care services. In addition to Moscot’s full collections on display, many will recognize familiar touches, including quirky historical tchotchkes and treasures, warm cherry wood eyewear counters and showcases, and the company’s omnipresent yellow.

“While Moscot is now a globally recognized brand, we are at our heart, a New York City neighborhood optical shop,” said fourth-generation owner Dr. Harvey Moscot. “Our city culture is at the core of our brand, which is why Chelsea Market is such an exciting endeavor for us. We’re excited to align with one of the most respected and sought out destinations in our city – a market that epitomizes the NYC experience both for those who are visiting and those who live here.”

“With the addition of Moscot to Chelsea Market, we’re furthering our commitment to keeping the Market dynamic and community focused,” added Michael Phillips, principal and president of Jamestown, the real estate investment firm that owns Chelsea Market. “Moscot is a positive addition, bringing a New York heritage brand at the cutting edge on retail innovation to our community.”