Mr Porter Launches Sport Category

by William Buckley


As interest in fitness leaps, sprints and pivots ever onward, evidenced by industry catchwords du jour like “athleisure” and “athluxury,” or in ubiquitous social media speak like #instafit and #eatclean, the market for athletic apparel is expanding steadily. In step with demand, award-winning online retail destination Mr Porter launches a new athletic and performance category titled Mr Porter Sport today, April 28.

“We are excited to launch Mr Porter Sport, a dedicated area within that is focused on sport, performance and style,” says buying director Toby Bateman. “We know that sport and fitness are integral to our customers’ interests and day-to-day lives, so beyond offering the best in men’s fashion, we want to offer our global audience the best in men’s sports apparel as well. In keeping with our ethos of editing only the best brands within each category, we have chosen our sport brands based primarily on their technical performance properties, but also for their style.”

Mr Porter Sport will offer their customers, who currently span more than 170 countries, an edited selection of performance gear from 25-plus brands across nine disciplines including running, cycling, tennis, golf, training, outdoor, swimming, sailing and overall fitness accessories. More than 15 new and 9 existing brands will be introduced to Mr Porter Sport, and will occupy a dedicated section on the site. New brands include: Arc’teryx, APL, Condor, Newton, 2XU, Castelli, Fizik, Brooks England, Boast, RLX, TriggerPoint, Suunto, Oakley, Matuse and Arena. Existing brands are: Nike, Iffley Road, Cafe du Cycliste, Lacoste, Patagonia, Musto Sailing, Musto Shooting, Peter Millar and Sperry.