Be sure to join us next week for MR’s Tailored Clothing Week, powered by Peerless, starting on Monday, July 25th. In MR’s comprehensive week-long coverage, retailers share how they’re faring in 2022, and what changes they’re planning into 2023. Can retailers sustain their recent increases? What do key vendors project for the coming seasons? How will supply chain challenges and rising costs impact business next year? MR talks to the experts and shares our conclusions.

We’ll also show the latest spring 2023 fashion trends in tailored clothing, present an in-depth interview with Macy’s top clothing expert, Irene Lazaroff, and share insights from key brands about how their business is evolving. A Man on the Street feature reflects the attitudes of true clothing aficionados who wear suits and sportcoats, even in 90-degree weather!

Bottom line: the 2021 suit comeback surprised everyone by continuing strong into 2022. But now that guys have purchased a suit or two to accommodate weight changes and postponed weddings, can recent increases be sustained? Find out what to expect in 2023 and beyond in MR’s online Tailored Clothing Week, sponsored by Peerless.