No One Buys Clothes On Amazon Because They’re Fashionable

by MR Magazine Staff

Amazon is vying to become the largest apparel seller in the US, where it already trails only Walmart. But even those who buy clothes on the site say Amazon isn’t a destination for fashion. The e-commerce giant’s success selling clothing is being fueled by millennials with Amazon Prime. Members of the loyalty program are twice as likely as other Amazon shoppers to buy clothes from Amazon, according to research from Morgan Stanley. Shoppers aged 18 to 34, meanwhile, are more likely to buy clothes from Amazon than those in any other age bracket. A March 2018 survey of 1,103 US adults by Morgan Stanley found that shoppers are turning to for casual tops (68% of respondents purchased), casual bottoms (38%), shoes (48%), and athletic wear (34%). A good number of them are also using Amazon to buy accessories (26%), dresses (23%), and underwear (24%). Read more at Quartz.