Nordstrom Local Expands Store Base In Los Angeles

The Nordstrom Local concept is taking hold! Two more stores will open in Los Angeles – Nordstrom’s largest and most productive market. In an exclusive interview with Ken Worzel, COO of the company, I learned that the first new unit will open in Newport Beach, CA on November 6 and the second may open in December in Manhattan Beach, CA. The news proves to me that the 5 units that are already open are productive and helping customers in the pandemic period caused by COVID-19. The Nordstrom Local stores demonstrate that the right new format can make a physical store concept successful even in these competitive times. They are relatively small but powerful and designed to provide services and convenient access to merchandise to help customers. The Newport Beach store will by about 1,183 square feet while the Manhattan Beach unit will be about 1,886 square feet. They are about the size of the previous five Nordstrom Local units in Los Angeles (3) and New York City (2). Read more at Forbes.