And Now, A Viral-Sensation-Turned-Model Story That Doesn’t Involve A Felony

by MR Magazine Staff

Remember Hot Mugshot Guy? Of course you do. Remember how, before he was a viral sensation and eventually became an actual model, Jeremy Meeks was a convicted felon with a rap sheet including weapons charges and grand theft? Kinda takes the fun out of things, huh? Well, lucky for you, there’s a new viral modeling story to sink your teeth into, and this one is a lot shorter on crime. A Pakistani chai wala (or tea seller, in English) has landed a modeling gig after an Islamabad-based photographer named Jiah Ali posted a picture of him looking impressively handsome on Instagram. Ali spotted 18-year-old Arshad Khan at the city’s Sunday Bazaar and snapped a photo, which blew right the hell up, with thousands sharing the image. She even returned a few days later to see him again. Capitalizing on his viral status, Khan has already started modeling for Pakistani shopping site His debut is…well, it’s amazing. See more at Esquire.