by Stephen Garner

Off-White and its founder and creative director Virgil Abloh have teamed up with designer Andre Walker on a new collaboration. The pairing is part of Off-White’s “Foundations” program, in which Abloh invites guest creatives to co-develop new ideas and pieces.

The Off-White c/o Andre Walker collaboration features two t-shirts, two sweatshirts, a pair of track pants, and a suspender bag. Every clothing item is considered all-seasonal and versatile, and can be dressed up or down. There’s a minimalism at play, too, with a predominantly black and white base color palette. However, key graphic components add singularity to the capsule’s composition.

One of these is a watercolor airplane motif, which is screen printed on a selection of items. The abstract illustration shows a jet flying in front of a tangerine-hued cloud. The plane is overlaid with the letters “OOSOOM.” Directly speaking, the initialism stands for “Out of science, out of magic.” Yet both Abloh and Walker want to leave it open for interpretation. It could, for example, also mean “Out of sight, out of mind.” The aircraft represents bringing audiences and consumers along on a creative journey.

Another visual hallmark is the suspender bag, which is made of leather and woolen cloth. This practical design was created with bike messengers in mind; it, too, has the airplane logo, along with broad suspender straps. It is a distinct accessory, and a clear intersection of Abloh and Walker’s respective processes.

Additionally, cues like elongated fabric panels and built-in belts on the t-shirts, frontal lacing details on the sweatshirts and circular zipper tabs only enhance the dimensionality of the collection.

The Off-White c/o Andre Walker is now available on off—, in select Off-White stores worldwide, and at Nordstrom locations in North America.