by Christopher Blomquist


Big Flower is such a new line that it only officially launched this week. Based in East Hampton, NY, it currently offers a small selection of pocket squares ($95), swim trunks ($150), a canvas tote bag ($195), a beach wrap ($75) and sunflower-logoed cap ($35) but it has plans for growth and expansion.

I interviewed brand founder Greg Ammon to get the lowdown on this newly blossomed brand:

How are you rolling out the brand?

We have just launched in East Hampton and plan on rolling the brand out to select warm weather/resort markets over the 2015 fall and winter seasons.  Following that, we plan on doing a more substantial, fuller line launch for summer 2016 from our home base of East Hampton.  We will also be targeting broader distribution to summer/resort areas at that time.

What stores are you planning to sell in/looking to partner with?

At present, we are exclusively selling our capsule collection at retail at the Maidstone Inn in East Hampton and plan to continue with that relationship.  We also have launched an e-commerce website, which is the digital home of the brand. Our plan is to continue develop partnerships with resort gift shops and small boutiques, in the markets that are on target with our consumer base and with partners that feel right for our brand.

Maidstone_guysWhat is the long-term goal for the brand?

The long-term goal is to continue to develop products for both men and women. The brand is about quality, good design and casual elegance.  We are in the process of developing more products that really speak to the core mission of the brand, which includes designing clothing and accessories that support the feeling of being a special part of great moments and encapsulating great memories.  We are also working towards growing the Big Flower culture of being part of something more than just apparel, but of being part of a community that believes in doing well by doing good.  We have a great story to tell, and want to spread our message of giving back and being positive role models; while providing a supportive community for others to do the same.  That being said, we are focused in growing our social media communities as a way for our Big Flower people connect and interact.

What other products will you be launching?

We are currently working on designs for 2016 that include a much expanded menswear line, including clothing and footwear.  In addition, we are also developing a launch line for women that will include casually elegant weekend wear.

What is your five-year plan?

World domination!  Just kidding, but we do plan on growing the flower…we are planting the seeds now and as we grow, we plan on developing a broader range of product lines.  As of now, we are already expanding from the original capsule collection into a larger range of products for men and women.  We have pretty lofty goals and are just getting started.  We feel very humbled to be able to start a business out of East Hampton.  Big Flower is based on a personal family legacy there and that is very important to us.  We look forward having the opportunity to lead by example; starting not only a business, but hopefully a community of people that give back and are accountable to themselves, their families and their communities.