CFCL Yusuke Takahashi
by Stephen Garner

CFCL, short for “Clothing For Contemporary Life,” embodies designer Yusuke Takahashi’s aspiration to create sustainable unisex garments suitable for all occasions.

Takahashi launched CFCL in 2020, shortly after ending his seven-year-long tenure as director of Issey Miyake Men. In just the two short seasons the brand has been around, Takahashi has won the prestigious Fashion Prize of Tokyo 2022 and officially launched his autumn/winter ‘21 collection with Selfridges and his spring/summer ‘22 will be sold at Nordstrom.

The brand stands behind creating sustainable and ethically made clothes that are simple, modest, and responsible for both men and women. CFCL seeks to use cutting-edge technology to create its garments. This season’s garments consist primarily of 3-D, computer-developed knitwear using certified, sustainable polyester yarns and state-of-the-art technology. It also assesses knitwear as a progressive laboratory for innovative fashion-making that matches the needs of contemporary life with products that are sophisticated as they are easy to maintain.

CFCL is carried in 40 retailers worldwide like ISETAN, SKP, United Arrows, Galeries Lafayette, Tomorrowland, and its own website