by Stephen Garner

If you’re looking for new loungewear, check out Sleeper. Launched in 2014 by two former editors Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, Sleeper offers a line of men’s and women’s linen pajamas with shorts and pants, as well as robes.

“By wearing our pajamas, we want to get people just to enjoy life and be engaged in something that brings pleasure, to live in a moment,” says Zubarieva. “That is how we see the true purpose of leisure clothing. It’s meant for joy; for life appreciation.”

The brand remains true to the concept of loungewear as casual wear but is also promoting its products to be worn out in day-to-day life. Zubarieva says her line is perfect for home, urban life, countryside activities and travel. And, of course, when wearing in the bedroom.

New for the summer season, the brand is presenting two linen bags made in the traditional Japanese technique Furoshiki. The first one is a transformer bag called “This is not a bag.” This spacious bag is ideal for going to the beach. When untied, the bag transforms into a spread for a beach or having a picnic on. The second one is a small linen “Bambola” bag with ample bamboo handles, ideal even for an evening look.

Sleeper supports artisan manufacturing traditions. A dedicated professional spends six to eight hours handcrafting each garment. All garments are created in the sewing studios, located at the Sleeper’s workspace, which allows monitoring each seam. Unisex linen sets with pants retail for $265, while unisex linen set with shorts price at $225 and the unisex robe costs $245. Pajamas and robes are available in warm beige, olive, and cold pale pink, pale blue, white, navy and black colors. Robes are also available in blue and white stripes.