Oppenheimer is the surprise fashion movie of the summer

Is Oppenheimercore on the way?

There’s a moment in Oppenheimer that seems almost like something out of a superhero movie or an Indiana Jones flick. Standing in his office at Los Alamos, J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) puts on a hat and picks up a pipe, each item lingered on by director Christopher Nolan’s camera. Nolan films these actions from behind like Oppenheimer is assuming his armor as he emerges to lead the Manhattan Project, the WWII effort that will result in the development of the atomic bomb. His shoulders are broad. His silhouette is totemic. “A rock star is born,” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick explains. “There’s an elegance, an empowerment, and a strength about who that man has become as he walks out of his office in the totality of this outfit.” Read more at Vox