Jörg Wichmann and Shane Brandenburg
by Stephen Garner
Jörg Wichmann and Shane Brandenburg
Jörg Wichmann and Shane Brandenburg

Panorama Berlin has announced the acquisition of Selvedge Run, a trade show for quality garments and crafted goods, earlier this month. The two creative heads behind the two events, Jörg Wichmann (CEO of Panorama Berlin) and Shane Brandenburg (co-founder and sales manager of Selvedge Run), anticipate important synergies and are working together on exciting concepts for the industry.

Starting with the winter edition, Selvedge Run will be located in a prominent location known for its stunning architecture: the hall at the south entrance (“Eingang Süd”). In keeping with the event’s underlying concept, brands are presented here that are known for their quality, sustainable production techniques, and that are backed by authentic brand stories. Moreover, the portfolio will see the addition of current, sport and active themes. Located in the event’s entrance area, visitors will find market-relevant looks, inspiring ideas and trend themes here.

With a unique brand portfolio, Selvedge Run has made an international name for itself. In addition to strong denim and heritage brands, visitors could always find inspiring industry newcomers as well as an assortment of brands that could only be viewed and ordered in Europe at Selvedge Run. Brandenburg will continue to be responsible for the direction this area takes in the future. Despite the acquisition, he will remain the face of Selvedge Run and will be in charge of the themes and topics featured here.

“Selvedge Run stands for authentic brands, craftsmanship, and products with character,” said Wichmann. “The fusion is an important step to strengthen our direction and visions for the future and to increase our focus on international industry topics. Integrating Selvedge Run into Panorama Berlin helps us reach new target groups and create valuable synergies.”

“After seven successful Selvedge Run shows, it’s time to strive for a new level,” added Brandenburg. “With Panorama Berlin’s scope and logistics strength, we see a great opportunity for our brands to unfold their full potential and gain access to a wider audience.”