by Stephen Garner

The upcoming spring/summer 2022 menswear collection by the Italian-born outerwear brand Parajumpers sees a great work of research and innovation, adding new, modern product categories to its signature classic outerwear collection. In particular, much effort has been put into expanding the fleeces and knitwear series this season, adding also a new capsule of trousers.

Firstly, Parajumpers has gone beyond and decided to add a whole new series of pants: four long, two shorts, and one bathing suit in the men’s collection. Crafted in three different fabrics – Taslan nylon, washed cotton twill, and a synthetic bi-stretch material – these pieces take their inspiration from military gear twisted up with a touch of street style. Big pockets, cool silhouettes and so versatile that they can take you anywhere.

Fleeces will feature bright and playful colors, like violet or fuchsia or pistachio green, and a modern new family: the Shaded Fleece series – for both men and women – present pieces that are hand-dyed in two different baths creating a cool faded-effect between the two colors.

Not only fleeces but also knits: to face chilly nights, a soft, cotton sweater is always a good idea. This spring/summer ‘22 collection presents the new Rescue Knits family, with two styles that are crafted in a fresh cotton and bamboo yarn, and with the military inspiration that has made the Rescue Fleece series a favorite in 2021.

Moving on to what Parajumpers does best: jackets. As said before, research and innovation are key elements of the brand’s philosophy and are here put together to create modern and state-of-the-art pieces, especially in the Evo collection. The sturdy and long-lasting ParaRescue series stays in the collection and will be presented in cool nuances, like pistachio green. Opposed to this, the extra light Rescue Shield series has sleek lines and is highly technological: windproof and waterproof, with a silver foil in the shell, inspired by the thermal blankets used for rescue, but in a brighter and cooler color palette.

The Active category too has much to offer. The Foul Weather style is the only jacket you will need to face extremely bad weather, with highly technological elements for a windproof and waterproof jacket, crafted in the toughest ripstop you can find, yet stretch and comfortable.

Lightweight jackets are a great classic, but never enough. The Evo Quilt family features synthetic padding, a completely different stitching, and bright, fun colors, like deep orchid and palm. The Pro Light on the other hand is a functional and practical new addition with a mix of fabrics: there are stretch inserts on the most delicate parts of the jacket, like shoulders and hood.