Patagonia’s CEO On How Saving The Planet Has Been Good For Business

by MR Magazine Staff

Patagonia may technically be an outdoor apparel company, but in the past few years, it’s cemented itself in the public imagination as a whole lot more. At a time when Americans have less faith than ever in our public institutions and climate change is starting to feel more and more threateningly real, Patagonia is remarkable for the way it endeavors to face our collective fears head-on — whether that means setting the bar for sustainable clothing production or suing the Trump administration over the reduction of public lands. Along the way, the apparel brand long beloved by climbers, mountain bikers and other outdoorsy folk has become a favorite of urban fashion insiders who affectionately refer to it as “Patagucci.” Not to mention that it’s seen its business continue to grow every time it takes a stand, even as other companies have faltered through clumsy attempts to play with politics and many legacy brands find themselves stumbling in a rapidly changing retail market. Read more at Fashionista.