by Brian Lipton

Perfitly, a virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) and AI-powered virtual fitting room solution that is being integrated into the e-commerce platforms of the nation’s leading retailers, has teamed up with Colorado-based Otero Menswear, a men’s fashion lifestyle apparel brand catering to men with heights between 5’4” – 5’10”. The partnership follows Otero’s new website launch which utilizes Perfitly’s ability to provide exceptional accuracy in garment selection.

Once on the homepage, users select their height, body type, body shape, pant waist size, and length. From there, Perfitly powers and presents a personalized virtual avatar based on the user’s measurements. Users can then select from a range of polos and T-shirts which are displayed on the personalized avatar. Otero has found that 93 percent of men have two different body types, each requiring a unique fit. Incorporating this with the ability to create a personalized avatar, Perfitly enables a user to “try-on” a shirt and see a 360-degree rendering of their perfect fit before purchase,

“Perfitly’s virtual fitting process is centered on a seamless user experience as the key differentiator between ourselves and other targeted e-commerce apparel brands,” said Steve Villanueva, CEO and founder of Otero. “Our goal at Otero is to provide shorter men with stylish apparel and the ‘Otero Perfect Fit.’ Our attention to detail and enthusiasm is mirrored in Perfitly’s dedication to harnessing first-rate technology to provide each shopper with an unparalleled and personalized experience.”