by Stephen Garner

Polaroid is channeling the artworks of the late Keith Haring for an exclusive offering of its “Polaroid Now” camera and “Polaroid i-Type” instant film models.

Designed in red with bold black and white motifs, the Polaroid x Keith Haring camera leans on Polaroid’s signature design while incorporating Haring’s artworks. The accompanying Polaroid x Keith Haring instant analog i-Type film also features Haring’s art and signature on the brand’s classic square frame.

“Ever since the heyday of New York in the ‘80s, Keith Haring and Polaroid have had a mutual admiration for each other’s work,” said Marta Martinez, chief marketing officer at Polaroid. “Partnering with the Keith Haring Foundation feels so natural it’s almost like a homecoming for us. We are so proud to keep Keith’s legacy alive, which is why we approached this collection of Polaroid products as another love letter to his amazing work.”

From drawing on subway walls, to challenging the conventions of the art world, and using his platform for activism, Keith Haring’s legacy and art broke rules and changed the world forever. This project celebrates Keith Haring’s trailblazing spirit and puts his art in the hands of everyone.

“Keith Haring was one of my heroes growing up,” added Ignacio Germade, chief design officer at Polaroid. “His work’s simplicity, boldness, and emotion have influenced my design approach to this day. Haring’s relationship with Polaroid over the years makes this collaboration even more meaningful. We have tried to capture his essence with an iconic product that celebrates Haring’s amazing talent and his love for Polaroid.”

“Keith Haring and Polaroid are such a perfect fit,” Gil Vazquez, acting director of the Keith Haring Studio, said. “The artist and the brand are both so iconic with shared egalitarian values in really promoting self-expression and creativity for everybody. Keith took a lot of Polaroid shots himself, so there is a legacy here that we are really happy to celebrate.”

The Polaroid x Keith Haring instant analog camera and i-Type instant film are now available at polaroid.com/KeithHaring.