Predictive analytics for retail: what lies ahead?

by MR Magazine Staff

Although I’m not certain that they all were “Robert Wendland originals,” my late father had many witticisms to which I credit him. With impeccable timing, a simple, pithy phrase would be spoken that was not only appropriate for the moment but also stuck with me for a lifetime. One in particular that I reference often suggests that “You can’t drive forward if you spend your time only looking in the rear-view mirror.” The rate of change occurring in our lives and across virtually every industry is unprecedented. Oddly, the smartphone was first introduced less than a decade-and-a-half ago, and yet its ubiquity makes it unfathomable to think of going through life without one. The same could be said of self-check-in at airports. (Remember the days of paper tickets, travel agents and full-service?) And, in retail, where our company Hamacher Resource Group works across the retail supply chain, everything I remember from my childhood seems like ancient history. Read more at Forbes.