Prime Day Boosted Store Traffic For Amazon And Rivals Alike

by MR Magazine Staff

Along with Prime Day’s status as a massive online sales event, this year Amazon’s self-proclaimed holiday also drove store visits to Amazon’s Whole Foods as well as to physical stores of the company’s competitors. According to foot traffic analytics firm, visits to Whole Foods stores on Saturday, July 13, were 20.3% above the baseline for 2019 and up 26.8% on July 14, while the Monday of Prime Day had the fourth-most weekday visits of the year so far. Meanwhile, in-store traffic at Walmart was up 25.7% above its baseline on Friday, July 12, up 37.5% on July 13, and up 26.1% on July 14. At Target, traffic was up Monday (3%), Tuesday (4.4%) and Wednesday (4.9%) of Prime Week as well. Finally, Best Buy’s traffic spiked 6.5% over its baseline that Monday and 4.6% on Tuesday. Read more at Retail Dive.