Project’s digital show gears up to launch tomorrow

by Stephen Garner

As Project’s digital tradeshow gears up to launch tomorrow, the company is releasing more details on what to expect for the eight-week event.

With bigger picture fashion communities needs in mind, all five of Informa Fashion’s digital events launching tomorrow were built to go beyond the transactional necessity of traditional B2B wholesale commerce. While brands will be showcasing new products through dynamic digital showrooms; utilizing 360-degree images and video, all of which are shoppable, making video appointments with retailers, and conducting direct 1:1 business – much like a live event – Informa is taking this even a step further – with highly curated content. 

Buyers can explore various pieces of editorial content, such as themed product curations from fashion editors (Michael Macko, Truc Nguyen, WGSN Trend Edits), “behind-the-brand” designer and industry leader Q&A’s, and features about sustainable brands or women-owned brands) – just to name a few. Through this editorial content, buyers can discover more brands in an environment that is more reminiscent of the B2C shopping experience.

Additionally, Informa is translating a full line-up of educational programming to its digital platform. Leveraging its industry partnerships, buyers can explore educational guides, digital sessions, and – digitizing the Buyer’s Suite from Informa’s live events – retail boot camp for new and emerging businesses. These digital sessions will be geared towards both the veteran buyer as well as the first-time trade event attendee.

And, unlike the traditional 2-3-day model of live events, Informa’s digital events will run for a total of eight weeks, with content and brand’s product offering being refreshed on an ongoing basis – giving buyers a reason to come back again and again. What a buyer will see at the event opening on September 1st will be different than what they can explore and shop on the fourth week of the event. 

This timed release of content, according to Lizette Chin, president of men’s fashion at Informa Markets, is one of the company’s strongest assets. “One of the greatest benefits of a digital environment is the ability to update in real-time,” Chin tells MR. “For the entire eight weeks of our event, both our content teams and exhibiting brands will be updating the digital marketplaces with new content. Meaning, brands will be refreshing their product offerings as items sell out as well as remerchandising their digital showroom space – giving reasons for retailers to come back.”

“Additionally, on our end, we have a very robust lineup of content, both already loaded, and a full lineup waiting in the wings,” Chin adds. “This includes shoppable editorials written and curated by fashion editors and tastemakers, as well as valuable business resources and on-demand educational programming. So, what a buyer will be able to view, shop, and interact with week one of our event, will be refreshed with new content and product to interact with, say week five of the event. And this is purposeful – we want to give buyers a reason to repeatedly come back the entire eight weeks. This is a critical and important time for buyers and we want to maximize their investment of time at our event.”