Public School And New Era Tap Nas To Model Limited Edition MLB Hat Collection

by MR Magazine Staff

Public School and New Era recently announced a historic MLB hat collaboration where they will be updating the iconic New York Yankees and New York Mets logos for the first time ever, so it only makes sense they would tap Queens legend Nas to model the collection. Of course, the hip-hop mogul represents his native borough with the New York Mets PSNY dad cap and the Where NY Lives snapback, although he also sports the Yankees version for the ad campaign. “When you think of New York leaders, especially in the context of a Yankees or Mets hat, there’s no other person that comes to mind before Nas,” explained Public School designer Dao-Yi Chow in a press release. “Growing up in the city in the early and mid-’90s, around the time when Illmatic dropped, was like a sociology lesson. Nas was both painstakingly real and beautifully poetic at the same time. He was able to sum up our entire city/universe in 10 songs. And so there was only ever one person that could fully do justice to this campaign and our ode to NYC.” Read more at Complex.