by Stephen Garner

Rag & Bone has released its new spring/summer 2021 collection campaign titled, “Times Change.”

Starring dancers Lil’ Buck, the film’s choreographer, and his wife Ai Shimatsu, “Times Change” is at first a familiar story: a couple wakes up in their New York apartment, ready for a typical day in their old reality. They brush their teeth, sip their coffee, and as usual, reach for their classic, professional attire. It’s a routine the couple have been in before, but times change and the act of getting dressed may never be quite the same again.

“Times Change” is the year-long quarantine fever dream of a New York City couple marked by the ticking of a metronome and the spinning hands on a mid-century clock. Stuck in an infinite loop of getting up, getting dressed, going to sleep and doing it all again, days fly by in monotony in a progressively frenzied and never-ending Groundhog Day experience. But even in quarantine, only the boring get bored. Lil’ Buck and Ai find subversive pleasure in the monotony of isolation; ideal circumstances for scientific experimentation: when all factors remain the same, they decide what gets to change.

In this case, it’s the way they dress. Mirroring one another in fluid movements accentuated by Buck and Ai’s signature dance moves, they shift from one look to the next. In place of black tailored suits over stiff white shirts, emerges a new wardrobe—colorful, timeless pieces that grant them the comfort, a level of mobility and an ease necessary for their new everyday.

“The world has changed and the way we live and dress has changed and Rag & Bone has changed,” said Marcus Wainwright, founder and chief brand officer at Rag & Bone. “We wanted to make a weird film about the new reality we seem to be living in. Having worked with Buck for so many years, it was awesome to create this little film with him and Ai. I think they perfectly captured everything we were trying to say and more.”

Directed by Austin Peters, “Times Change” is in keeping with Rag & Bone’s focus on working with original talent and creative collaborators. Filmed on 35 mm, the teaser film brings the narrative to life, highlighting Rag & Bone signatures such as classic tailoring, cozy knitwear, feminine meets masculine silhouettes, and easy-to-wear staples that can be mixed and matched.