by Stephen Garner

Reebok by Pyer Moss will release the Experiment 4 “Old White” sneaker worldwide on Saturday, November 14th at 12pm EST. In conjunction, the brand will also release the latest offering of Reebok by Pyer Moss Collection 3.

The Experiment 4 sneaker was designed as a sacred object split into three layers, each one representing all those who climb to success through the creation of something sacred in the face of adversity. The first section is the lower area of the shoe that extends from the trail bottom. The mudguard tells the story of the fight and rise of those who have been told they cannot extend past the boundaries that have been set for them. This area utilizes rubberized leather and hard protective TPU to shield the rest of the shoe.

The second section consists of the heel, toe, lateral and medial sides, characterizing subtle excess, glamour, and the expression of success, made up of a luxurious knit with shiny gems and molded containment. The third and final section is the emotion, represented by the contained area of the shoe that sits beneath its other two layers. It features deconstructed and soft materials for the inner tongue, the outer tongue, and the lining – all the parts that make contact with the wearer.

The unisex Experiment 4 “Old White” sneaker will retail for $250 and, along with the Reebok by Pyer Moss ready-to-wear collection, will be available on and, as well as the select retail partners like Bodega, Concepts, and End.