Rei Kawakubo Reflects On The Strangest Year In History

In fashion, the past is often the most powerful currency. Revivals are rife and anniversaries are always celebrated. Contemporary designers are tasked with breathing new life into moribund labels and archives are spoken about as if they were glossy new galleries. History seems to offer stability, a reassurance to customers that if a brand has been around for almost a century, you can be sure a product will still be relevant (and valuable) in years to come. In 2020, “comfort” is the buzzword beloved by marketing teams and retailers – tracksuit sales have skyrocketed while we’ve all been locked down at home – yet the term is poignant in a figurative sense, too. People take comfort in what they know, what has already existed. History is an assured coping mechanism in times of uncertainty. The past is a remedy for a turbulent present and a murkier future, even in an industry that is supposed to be always looking forward. Read more at i-D.