Retail & The Rainbow: 5 Ways To Navigate Gay Pride With Integrity, Positivity & Lasting Impact

by MR Magazine Staff

Gay Pride has become a celebration of freedom so powerful and well-publicized that the calendar of global events has sent brands’ opportunity antennas into overdrive. While the main parades generate massive on-the-day revenues for local businesses (London saw approximately one million attendees) there’s also the tantalizing prospect of astronomical audience attraction – in April of this year it was reported that if the LGBT community were a country it would have the 4th largest GDP in the world – equating to $4.6 trillion. From Zip Car to Primark the over-arching message of inclusivity has become aptly elastic. But beyond the undeniable shadow of the bandwagon, for businesses willing to navigate the territory with integrity, purpose and a long-haul attitude there’s a mass of mutually positive opportunities to be had. The promise is especially sweet as brands become an increasingly vital ally in revising social narratives – arguably now more so than traditional politics, considering the environment of which we’re a product now blends home, school and work but also a near-constant stream of digital spaces and messaging. Read more at Forbes.