Why Retailers Are Rethinking Their Holiday Ad Strategies And Moving Away From Storytelling

by MR Magazine Staff

Brick and mortar once dominated the retail landscape during the holiday season, but 2017 marketing trends make it clear this is no longer the case. According to Adobe data, Cyber Monday 2017 generated $6.59 billion in revenue, making it the largest online sales day in history. Americans who previously went to extremes like sleeping outside chain stores and inadvertently starring in viral Black Friday brawl videos are shopping online in ever greater numbers—and retail brands have been forced to adapt. This year, more big chains and their agency partners are abandoning long-form, emotionally resonant storytelling in favor of shorter spots focused on exclusive deals and repeat shoppers. “We’re thinking about retail in a very new way,” Kohl’s CMO Greg Revelle told Adweek. “We’re really leaning into our loyalty program.” The Braveheart-esque broadcast ad below hones in on Kohl’s Cash, one specific part of the brand’s loyalty program. Revelle said the program naturally serves as the focus of the holiday campaign “Give Joy, Get Joy.” Read more at Adweek.