by Stephen Garner
activewear Rhone
Image courtesy of Rhone

For spring 2017, performance athletic apparel brand Rhone will introduce GoldFusion, a new technology that infuses gold particles into the brand’s highest-performance fabrics. The result is a faster-drying, softer, longer-lasting, better odor-neutralizing and safer premium activewear garment.

Rhone developed the proprietary GoldFusion approach alongside biochemists, in the process coming up with a new technology that wicks moisture faster and keeps clothes fresher longer. A GoldFusion collection shirt dries up to three times faster than tested market leaders, resulting in precision moisture transfer off the body and garment so you can move faster, lighter and cooler than ever before.

“It sounds like magic, like it¹s too good to be true,” said Nate Checketts, Rhone co-founder and CEO. “We were in a state of disbelief until seeing the results of this technology firsthand. But this is exactly what we strive for at Rhone: creating best-in-class products.”

In order to utilize this advanced GoldFusion technology throughout a curated assortment of its spring 2017 collection items, Rhone has partnered with crowd funding platform Indiegogo to launch a campaign in that will help raise the necessary funds. As part of the fundraising campaign, Rhone customers will have the opportunity to purchase activewear featuring this new technology at an exclusive price, delivering in early 2017.