Riccardo Tisci Finds Himself At Burberry

On Wednesday afternoon, a few hours after his Spring 2022 Burberry menswear collection debuted on Instagram, Riccardo Tisci perched in a tented room, the sun pouring in through the windows and the blue skies framing him like an angel at the center of Renaissance fresco. He was beaming, voluble, and overwhelmed with emotion. “Of course, every show is emotional,” he said, “but sometimes, there is one that has the magic. And this one had the magic. A very strong magic.” Burberry’s heritage is so iconic it can be almost oppressive: the trench, the plaid, the rain. Tisci’s early collections at the brand, which he joined as chief creative officer in 2018, were sprawling, even overwhelming. “That was, like, me looking at myself,” he said, “trying to find myself.” But starting with his Fall 2021 collection, and more profoundly, with the one shown Wednesday, he seems to have found his way. These clothes are extraordinarily Riccardo. “I started feeling much more what I wanted to do,” he said of the past year. Read more at GQ.