Rimowa Makes Its Case For The Future Of Travel

I’m not really a cross-body bag or mini-clutch kind of guy. So I’m trying to work out what it is about the dinky new collection of Rimowa “Personal” bags that makes me really want one. It’s not just unchecked materialism; I’d like to think it’s more philosophical. If you own something you dearly love, what could make it just that little bit better? The answer: to own a mini version of that thing accurate in every detail to its big sibling. I don’t actually own a suitcase by the 122-year-old luggage company, but I want to – and if I did, I’d have to have a little €980 “Personal” to go with it (for preference in green from the latest Mojave Desert-inspired collection; but I might even settle for the pink version in “Desert Rose”). Ditto the iPhone cover, with the company’s signature robust but glamorous-looking ribbed suitcase design diddily sized down; or its ultra-sweet mini take on a large travelling trunk that will keep three of your prized watches safe, however bumpy your travels (€1,600). “It’s basically unbreakable. We tried everything on it to make sure it was,” says Alexandre Arnault, 28-year-old CEO of the company. Read more at Financial Times.