Saint Laurent Joins the Luxury Tank Top Trend

The humble white tank top has had a tumultuous life. It was once the poster child of 1950s Americana, with Marlon Brando and James Dean opting for one (preferably stained) when a white tee was just too much. Fast forward 20 years and the tank top was a staple of any ’70s Queer wardrobe, perfect for dancing the night away in. By the 2000s, the white tank top had developed more negative connotations — a “Suns Out, Guns Out” lads on holiday air was intrinsically linked to the tight-fitting essential, let alone more damaging terms. Yet in 2023, the white tank top is a status symbol — how did LOEWE’s piece, for example, become the Hottest Product of Lyst Index’s Q2 2023 report? Read more at Hypebeast.