All Saints Boss William Kim On His Escape From ‘South Park’ And Rise To The Top

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s clearly stood him in good stead. From a childhood in working-class Colorado Springs — the real-life setting for South Park — Kim now runs the All Saints fashion empire, overseeing 3000 staff in 20 countries. “Asian parents can be quite…” he pauses, laughing. “Demanding. You know the kind of thing. At the school awards ceremony, I’d get a couple of awards and be patting myself, thinking: ‘You did good’. But I’d come down off the stage, sit next to my dad and he’d just say: ‘Yeah, your friend got more awards than you did.’ It was never-ending with them,” he shakes his tanned, bald head in mock self-pity. “Never-ending.” So, when he packed his worldly belongings into his Honda Civic to head off to uni, he knew he had to succeed on his own in the big wide world. “Can you imagine walking back home through that door frame, head down? Uh-uh. I was never gonna do that.” Read more at Evening Standard.