by Karen Alberg Grossman

Now that men’s clothing has gotten as slim as it can get, tailored clothing and pants makers are starting to reconsider sizing specs. It seems that comfort is in, and while few American brands are rushing to produce huge oversized bottoms, smart retailers are looking to offer their customers comfortable pants that are more versatile than sweats.

Renowned for comfort, Sansabelt has seen a recent uptick in its wholesale business following a prior focus on direct-to-consumer. President Peter Schwadel points out that with an inventory of 30,000 pairs (shipped from Massachusetts, ranging to size 70, average size is a 44 waist), and suggested retails between $75 and $85, the collection offers much opportunity for retailers to service their larger-size customers. Not that regular-size guys won’t also be tempted by the vast selection of colors and patterns, not to mention a comfortable fit that is suddenly seeming decidedly modern.

For information: 1-844-4-SLACKS.

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    1. Nice to hear a good old name resurface like sansabelt. Yes Burt Rudy is smiling if anybody can make it happen it’s peter. Good luck.

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