by Karen Alberg Grossman
It was another outstanding UJA Fashion Division luncheon! Held on Thursday, June 22 at the Pierre Hotel, this year’s event honored George and Oscar Feldenkreis, the heads of Perry Ellis International, and Tom Kingsbury, the chairman and CEO of Burlington Stores. Each year at these UJA events, one is reminded of how much can be accomplished when we all work together to help those in need. It was especially impressive that for this 100-year anniversary of UJA-Federation, the luncheon raised $1.4 million, which goes to assisting 4.5 million people in 70 countries.

At the luncheon, we met a group of impressive young men (many from foster care) who, thanks to UJA funding, currently reside at Kaplan House in NYC and are clearly on the path to leading healthy, productive lives thanks to the therapeutic, educational and vocational services provided there.

In their acceptance speeches, both Oscar and George spoke of how giving back has always been part of their family and business culture. George emigrated from Cuba to Miami in 1961 and remains forever grateful for the freedom and opportunity that America offered him, his family and so many other immigrants willing to work hard for a better life.

Kingsbury also spoke of the importance of giving back, and how proud he is to lead an organization of 37,000 associates whose values include helping those in need (to the tune of many millions of dollars!)

Thanks UJA-Federation, George, Oscar and Tom for reminding us what truly matters, and how much difference each of us can make.