Scott Disick Is Finally Comfortable

by MR Magazine Staff

When you enter the gated confines of the Hidden Hills, California neighborhood where Scott Disick lives, it feels a little like driving onto a Hollywood studio lot left over from the 1930s. There are the hokey street signs bearing the names of once-great actors; the thick woods and gently sloping roads that could provide the setting for a Western; the vertiginous drop into a golden, picturesque valley. The main difference is all the Range Rovers. There are so many Range Rovers. Disick’s unlikely reinvention is what brings me to his baronial home on a Thursday afternoon in April. Outside, a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce sulk in the driveway, so ostentatious that they’re almost subtle: it would’ve been far more noteworthy to show up and find a Hyundai. Within the house, the high ceilings and white everything give you a sense of what it must feel like to be inside of an unbroken eggshell. Near the glass doors leading onto the patio, a Greco-Roman statue of a nude man stands, gleaming. In the back, the pool is empty, looking Brutalist and abstract, less a pool than a dream in which a pool appears. The view is so soft and lovely that it makes you want to punch right through a Monet. Read more at GQ.