Sean John
by Brian Lipton

Sean JohnTwenty-year-old fashion brand Sean John has announced its latest collaboration, the Sean John Gallery Tee collection, which merges the worlds of fashion and music to pay homage to the creative geniuses whose influential style and grace have shaped pop culture. The T-shirts are now available for purchase at Macy’s and Macy’ for $39 each. The initial collection features such legendary artists as Marvin Gaye and Biggie Smalls, along with local hip-hop star Jaqaue.

“Music has an unparalleled feeling that often times cannot be communicated through words; a feeling that transcends time and takes you back to where you were at that exact moment,” said Jeff Tweedy, president of Sean John. “Sean John has recognized the influence that music has had on all facets of life since the brand launched in 1998. That’s why chose to focus on some of the most famous names in music history for our Gallery Tee’s collection. These performers have had such a profound impact on the music industry and as a ‘fashiontainment’ brand, so we felt that it was very important that we do our part in helping to shine a light on their legacy.”

Added Sean “Diddy” Combs, the line’s founder: “Music has played such a huge role in my career and has always been the driving force in building my empire. We wanted to make sure that we paid our respects to the musicians, artists and singers that paved the way for musicians, like myself, to be able to navigate this industry. I hope the artists in this collection will inspire the next generation of emerging talent in the same way that they inspired me.”