by Stephen Garner

ShinolaBedrock Manufacturing Company, the parent to Shinola and Filson, has announced a senior management restructure which is designed around the momentum and growing needs of the organization.

Former Bedrock Manufacturing Company president and Shinola CEO, Steve Bock, has transitioned to become CEO of Filson and has relocated to Seattle. Tom Lewand replaces Steve Bock as Shinola CEO. Lewand joins Shinola after 20 years at the Detroit Lions, most recently as president. This will enable president Jacques Panis to expand his reach toward some exciting new initiatives which are being explored. Panis will report to both Tom Lewand and Shinola founder, Tom Kartsotis.

Christopher Hull has been promoted to chief merchant and will partner with creative director, Daniel Caudill in the continuing effort to offer quality products to consumers in an aspirational environment. Both Hull and Caudill will report to Kartsotis.

Also, in support of the rapid expansion of the Shinola brand, Bedrock Manufacturing Company has promoted the following individuals to senior management roles: Shannon Washburn, vice president of watch product development; Kara Berg, vice president of sales; Whitney Delgado, vice president of design; and Trish O’Callaghan, vice president of communications.

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to work with the team that we have assembled,” said Kartsotis. “I have had the opportunity to work with both Tom Lewand and Chris Hull for a number of months now and I can’t remember a time in my career when I have experienced such a seamless and organic integration of individuals into a senior management team. I have worked with Shannon, Kara, Whitney and Trish for quite a number of years and this promotion is a reflection of the incredible impact that these individuals have been making in the organization all this time.”

Kartsotis continued, “Bringing Tom Lewand onto the team is enabling us to expand the reach of Jacques Panis into some interesting new initiatives that we are pursuing. Jacques does something that amazes me every single week. He also does something that makes me crazy every week so our customers and supporters can continue to expect the unexpected from Shinola.”