by John Russel Jones

Hey Discount — a site dedicated to providing access to exclusive discount codes and the latest deals for consumers — has conducted a study into the best cities for shopping around the world, analyzing the number of shopping locations, boutique stores, and shopping malls just in time for the holiday season.

ABOVE: Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric for Pexels

The Best Cities For Shopping

Tokyo ranks first as the best city for shopping lovers, gaining a shopping score of 9/10. There are 1,970 places for shopping in Tokyo, and 240 shopping malls within one mile of the city — more than any other city on the list — while its larger-than-life department stores and festive displays create a festive holiday atmosphere.

London is ranked as the second-best city in the world for shopping (shopping score: 8/10) with 1,221 places for shopping, and 100 shopping malls within one mile. Looking at some of the top fashion designers, there are 81 official retailers, boutiques, and stores located in London, including 19 Rolex retailers. From Harrods to Selfridges, renowned for their Christmas displays, London’s stores are too good to miss during this festive season.

Coming in third is Paris (shopping score: 7.42/10), home to Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès. Paris has 1,116 locations for shopping and 45 shopping malls within one mile. The city is home to 86 boutique stores within a mile while there are also 102 top designer stores and official retailers in the area.

Further Findings

Vienna ranked the lowest as the worst city in the world for shopping with a score of 1.17/10. Despite being a popular choice with lovers of high-end shopping, the study revealed that Vienna is home to 267 locations for shopping, fewer than most cities in the study.

Surprisingly, New York ranked 7th overall with a score of 5.83. Despite this, New York was found to be the third best city for its high number of shopping locations.

 Although it didn’t make it to the top three, Hong Kong was found to be the second-best city for the number of top designer boutiques, with a whopping 127.

The complete research can be found on the company’s website, HeyDiscount.Co.UK.